"Suklaakeisari is launching a revolutionary health product, as in taste and efficiency"


Raw chocolate coconut squares

Suklaakeisari is launching a revolutionary health product, as in taste and efficiency.

Suklaakeisari raw chocolate coconut squares contains super healthy fats, that boosts your brain activity and gives you long-lasting and steady energy. A reasonable amount of carbs, of which big amount is fiber. And quality protein from coconut and cacao. Squares are loaded with enzymes, minerals, vitamins and molecules that among other things increase the release of hormones that creates the feelings of happiness and well-being. A perfect snack between your workday, or a superior loading food for your workout. Long-lasting energy and enhanced mental and physical capacity.

Product requires storing in cool.  Best before date is 6 months from the making.


"Take 2-4 raw chocolate coconut squares and feel the energy and increase in your brain activity."
NOTE! If you are intended to sleep at night, it is not advised to consume the product at evening time!





Suklaakeisari is using only high quality ingredients.

Below you can find just a scratch of the health benefits of the ingredients found in Suklaakeisari raw chocolate coconut squares. If you aren’t convinced, study more yourself.


Cold processed virgin coconut oil Organic

Most of coconut oil is MCT oil (Medium Chained Triglyceride). Coconut oil is known to stimulate a healthy thyroid activity, and is a very recognized aid in weight loss. Coconut oil is easily digested. Instead of getting stored in the body, it is transported straight to the liver and burned for energy. Coconut oil helps in improving the digestive system and it also helps in absorption of other nutrients. The saturated fats present in coconut oil have anti microbial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, parasites and inflammations. Coconut oil helps in controlling blood sugar and improves the secretion of insulin.

Coco flakes

Coco flakes contains mostly the healthy fats and protein..



Raw cacao Organic

This also Mayan favourite known as "Food of Gods" is definitely worth its reputation. Raw cacao is one of the most nutrient rich food in nature. It contains over 1200 active ingredients, and about 10 % of cacaos weight are antioxidants. An outstanding source for minerals and vitamins.

Raw cacao contains several molecules and compounds that improve our brain activity and it has a positive effect on our well-being and happiness.

Roasted organic cacao is also used for flavour.



Finnish honey Organic

Russian scientists have shown that raw honey is the most enzyme rich food in the world. It is shown to improve reflex, observation ability and intelligence quotient.

Finnish honey is not pasteurized, so important enzymes, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants are still there.



Finnish oat Organic

Oat is well known as a valuable balancing food for human body. Oat contains healthy fatty acids and plenty of fiber, and it helps maintaining a steady blood sugar. Oat has a balancing effect on stomach acidity, which has a great role in whole stomachs well-being.

Oat is well tolerated by most persons with celiac disease.


Behind the scenes


I am a lifestyle athlete, and a professional in sports- and nutrition coaching.

As I immersed deeper in the world of health and natural nutrition, I also pondered about the key elements in my own life. Well-being, Health, Naturalness, Mental and Physical Performance, Pleasure and Love. All these kept in mind, I decided to create a super product to my own diet. The outcome was spectacular, as in taste and efficiency.

Because of a highly spread interest, mostly among athletes, I decided to bring the product available.


For Corporations

As a manager you understand that the key to a successful business are work concentrated and satisfied employees.

How would it sound to find a simple way to raise the mental and physical capacity of your employees or spearheads? To enhance their energy levels and immunity? This would dramatically build up their work input and cut down their illness.